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Product Overview

This kit includes the items required for running the Antminer S21 in the UK. The S21 comes with a C20 power lead. Unless you have a C19 Outlet capable of 16amps you will need this kit. Please note an electrician is required to install the 16A commando socket. 


This is:


1 x C19 lead to 16A Commando Plug

1 x 16A Commando Socket 


Product Overview


C19 to 16A Commando Plug


IEC C19 lead to 16A Commando Plug, heavy duty for ASIC mining applications specifically the Antminer S21 when running in the UK. This lead plugs into the P13 to C20 Antminer S21 lead. The lead is manufactured from 1.5mm² PVC cable. Please note a 16amp commando socket outlet is required.


  • 16A Commando Plug to 16A IEC C19 Socket
  • Commando plug is IP44 rated
  • Length: 3m
  • Cable type: 1.5mm² 3 Core 




16A Commando Socket


Industrial-type socket-outlets conforming to IEC 309 Standard, with mechanical interlock consisting of a circuit breaker enabling the plug to be connected and disconnected only in the open position, and the switch to close only with the plug inserted


• Rated current (A): 16

• Rated voltage: 200-250 V

• Can be padlocked in the off position for safety

• Dimensions: (H) 115mm x (W) 155mm x (D) 80mm

Antminer S21 UK Power Kit, C19 To 16A Commando Lead and 16A Commando Socket

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